Waterfalls Near Broken Bow Oklahoma

Although the song goes, don’t go chasing waterfalls, We highly recommend chasing waterfalls in Oklahoma. With several waterfalls within driving distance of Broken Bow, you’ll have  breathtaking options to pick from.

Let’s take a closer look at the waterfalls near Broken Bow OK. 

Waterfalls near Broken Bow OK

Waterfalls Near Broken Bow

To get started, we will take a tour of the waterfall near Broken Bow Oklahoma. 

Blaylock Creek Waterfall

Blaylock Creek Waterfall is nestled deep in the Ouachita Mountains in southern Arkansas. This waterfall is surrounded by a green and lush forest. In order to see the waterfall, you’ll need to drive two hours east of Broken Bow. Once you arrive at the Blaylock Creek West Trailhead, it is an enjoyable hike to the falls. Check out other Broken Bow hiking trails.

In addition to the impressive waterfall, you’ll find a large pool in Blaylock Creek that offers a beautiful view. 

Blaylock Creek Waterfall

Here are some details to help you prepare for this waterfall experience:


  • Location: Winding Stairs Trail
  • Hiking Distance: 4.8-mile out and back trail, the waterfall is in the first half of the trail
  • What to expect: Lush forest with a beautiful waterfall. 
  • Park Hours: Within Albert Pike Recreational Area. Hours are 7 AM to 9 PM but may vary based on the season. 
  • Admission Price: No park admission fee. 


Overall, the waterfall and hiking trail has positive reviews. With that, it may be well worth the two-hour drive for the chance to see this waterfall. 

Crooked Creek Falls

If you are already at Blaylock Creek waterfall, then Crooked Creek waterfall is just another 45 minutes away. The hike to Crooked Creek waterfall is a quick one with a great waterfall view. You’ll find this waterfall with the help of these coordinates. Once you arrive, follow the well-worn path to find the waterfall just 20 minutes into the hike. 

Crooked Creek Falls

  • Location: Within Albert Pike Recreational Area at these coordinates
  • Hiking Distance: Less than one mile, approximately 20 minutes. 
  • What to expect: Unmarked trailhead that leads to short hike and a secluded waterfall. 
  • Park Hours: Within Albert Pike Recreational Area. Hours are 7 AM to 9 PM but may vary based on the season. 
  • Admission Price: No park admission fee


The peaceful sounds of nature will reward you once you find the waterfall. 

Little Missouri Falls

Little Missouri Falls is just a mile and a half down the road from Crooked Creek Falls. Although you could walk between the two. The trail is easier to follow if you head back to the road and drive 1.4 miles down Forest Road #43. 

Once you find the Little Missouri Trail, you’ll only need to complete a small portion of the 10-mile trail to find the waterfall. As a series of cascades, the view of this waterfall will not disappoint.  At the bottom of the falls, you’ll find a crystal clear pool that could be inviting for a swim on a warm summer day. 

  • Location: Little Missouri Falls Trail
  • Hiking Distance: 10-mile trail, waterfall less than a mile into the trail. 
  • What to expect: Relaxing forest hike to a captivating waterfall. 
  • Park Hours: Within Albert Pike Recreational Area. Hours are 7 AM to 9 PM but may vary based on the season. 
  • Admission Price: No park admission fee


Although these waterfalls are in Arkansas, it is worth the effort to enjoy the beauty. You can visit all three of these falls in an easy day trip from your cabin. 

Waterfalls Near Hochatown

Hochatown offers another nearby waterfall within driving distance. 

Heavner Runestone Falls

At Heavner Runestone Park, you’ll find an enchanting waterfall with an interesting historical take. The park was opened in the 1970s to showcase a Swedish-inscribed runestone that was rediscovered in the 1920s. According to the oral history, the Choctaw natives in the areas originally found the unique runestone in the 1830s while hunting. 

A runestone found anywhere is an interesting find. But the claims circulating around this runestone are particularly intriguing. Some claim that this particular runestone was left behind by Vikings in 1000AD. Others believe that the stone was carved by settlers in the  1700s. For now, no one has made a definitive discovery on the origin of the stone. However, it is still an interesting park with a beautiful waterfall. 

The Heavner Runestone Park claims 55 acres in Le Flore County.  In order to get to the waterfall, you’ll need to take the Runestone Loop trail. The short dog-friendly trail is just 0.2 miles, which makes it a quick hike with a rewarding view of a beautiful waterfall. 

Heavner Runestone Falls

Here are some details to help you make the most of the Heavner Runestone waterfall. 

  • Location: Heavner Runestone Park
  • Hiking Distance: 0.2-mile loop trail
  • What to expect: Enjoy a short hike to a pretty waterfall. Plus, historic interest in a mysterious runestone. 
  • Park Hours: Within Heavner Runestone Park. Hours are 8 AM to 8 PM. 
  • Admission Price: Free admission, but donations are appreciated. 


In addition to the waterfall, Heavner Runestone Park hosts an annual Runestone Festival. One of many things to do in the area. If the history of the stone intrigues you, the festival is a great place to find more information about it. With overwhelmingly positive reviews from visitors, this park is worth the drive. 

Waterfalls Near Beavers Bend

You’ll find waterfalls near Beaver’s Bend. We’ll take a closer look at what’s in the area. 

Presbyterian Falls

Presbyterian Falls can be found within Beavers Bend State Park, just a few minutes away from Beaver’s Bend. You’ll find the Presbyterian Falls on a well-known section of the Lower Mountain Fork River. 

You can rent kayaks or hike down to the river to enjoy a view of this waterfall. 

Presbyterian Falls

  • Location: Beavers Bend State Park
  • Hiking Distance: Most rent kayaks to reach this waterfall. 
  • What to expect: Kayak or hike to a beautiful waterfall within Beavers Bend State Park. 
  • Park Hours: Within Beavers Bend State Park. Hours are 8 AM to 6 PM, hours may vary based on the season.
  • Admission Price: Free admission. 

Check out the Beavers Bend State Park Nature Center for more details on how to enjoy this waterfall. 

Another water-related option near Beavers Bend is the Beavers Bend Dam. The fishing below the dam is some of the best in the area.

Waterfall Experience Summary

You can enjoy several waterfalls and swimming holes within driving distance of your cozy cabin. At the end of a day full of hiking and the sound of rushing water, you can enjoy the comforts of a hot tub with beautiful river views.