Rugaru Adventures Ziplining Tour

I surprised my niece with a trip to Rugaru Adventures. When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly staff, who walked us through the ziplining experience and informed us of the rules and safety tips. Tickets are $79 per person and there are no refunds so, I would suggest that you commit to ziplining before you buy your ticket.

Rugaru Adventures is a family-friendly activity with certified and trained guides take you on an adventure tour consisting of six ziplines that total over a half-mile. Rugaru Adventures has a bus that transports you to the area where you then hike up to the first zipline. My niece and I were accompanied by two guides and 5-6 other visitors. There are markers provided on the bus where you can actually write you name in or on the bus and say some positive things about your ziplining experience! Rugaru Adventures is very accommodating in providing water along the trail.

The speed of the zipline is pretty fast and exhilarating. You may increase your speed by bringing your knees up toward your chin and be prepared to “ZIP ON” at that point.

The view from the zipline is absolutely stunning as you float through the canopy of the trees and out over Broken Bow Lake.

ziplining broken bow

Once you finish your adventure, the bus brings you back to home base. There you can go in and purchase beverages and awesome Rugaru Adventures merchandise. There are also porta-potties on-site for your convenience.

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